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Bicycle Accidents in Arizona: What to Do Next

Bicycling is an increasingly popular form of recreation and transportation in Arizona. Unfortunately, there has also been a rise in bicycle accidents and resulting injuries. Too many motorists fall to safely share the road with cyclists. According to data from the Phoenix Street Transportation Department, there has been a 29% increase in bicycle accident injuries in the city over the last decade. 

Following a bicycle accident, it is crucial that you are able to effectively navigate the legal claims process. At The Law Office of Paul J. Dombeck, PLLC, we are strong advocates for injured victims and their families. Below, our Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer explains the most important things that you should know about what to do next after a bike-vehicle collision in Arizona. 

Step #1: Seek Immediate Medical Attention for Any Injuries

Hurt in a bicycle accident in Arizona? It is imperative that you make your health, safety, and well-being your first priority. All bike accident injuries should be carefully evaluated and promptly treated by a licensed physician. A severe injury requires immediate medical attention—potentially including an ambulance trip to the nearest emergency medical center. Beyond that, even seemingly moderate or minor injuries should still be checked out by an Arizona doctor. 

Bicyclists are exposed. When collisions occur with oncoming traffic, riders must suffer severe or even catastrophic harm. Adrenaline can mask pain, and some injuries may not become apparent until later. A prompt medical examination will not only ensure that you receive the necessary treatment but will also create a record of your injuries. You cannot bring a successful bicycle accident injury claim in Phoenix without medical records. 

Step #2: Report the Bicycle Accident to Law Enforcement

If you were involved in a bike accident with a motor vehicle in Arizona, be sure that the incident is reported to law enforcement as soon as possible. Reporting the accident to law enforcement is an essential step. It ensures that an official record of the incident is created. Arizona law requires the reporting of all motor vehicle collisions that result in injuries, including any injuries to cyclists. 

Responding officers will come to the scene, talk to everyone involved, and, if applicable, gather witness statements. The information can be vital in any legal action that may follow. In Phoenix, failing to report an accident could lead to legal challenges later on. Make sure to cooperate fully with the officers and provide all necessary information without admitting fault.

Step #3: Document the Crash—Secure as Much Information as Possible

Arizona is an at-fault motor vehicle accident state, including for bicycle accident claims (A.R.S. § 12-2505). All bike accident injury claims are subject to the state’s comparative negligence standard. It is imperative that any bike accident is thoroughly documented. Collecting as much information as possible at the scene can significantly assist you later. If you are able to do so, take photos or videos of the scene, including damage to your bicycle, the vehicle involved, and road conditions. 

Beyond that, you should be sure to brainstorm the driver’s name, contact information, insurance details, and license plate number. Also, get contact information from any witnesses. If you are unable to collect this information due to injuries, ask a bystander for assistance or rely on the police report. The more information you have, the better position you will be in to bring a claim. 

Step #4: Avoid Giving a Recorded Statement to the Driver’s Insurance Company

It is common for the driver’s insurance company to contact you shortly after a bicycle accident in Arizona. For the most part, bike accident injury claims are pursued through insurance companies.

While they may seem helpful—and their insurance adjusters often come across as friendly on the phone—it is important to remember that insurance companies are primarily interested in minimizing their liability. 

Be cautious about what you say and avoid giving a recorded statement without consulting with an experienced legal counsel. These statements can be used against you later. Politely inform them that you will provide information after speaking with your attorney.

Step #5: Consult With an Experienced Phoenix Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyer 

You do not have to take on a bike accident injury claim alone. Hiring a skilled Phoenix bicycle accident injury lawyer can make a significant difference in securing fair compensation for your injuries and damages. Among other things, your Phoenix, AZ, bicycle accident attorney will ensure that your accident and damages are properly documented and that you are in the best possible position to negotiate with the insurance company. 

Arizona Law: Injured Bicyclists Can Seek Compensation for Economic/Non-Economic Losses

After a serious bicycle accident in Arizona, you need compensation to pay bills and support yourself. If you can prove that another party—such as a motorist—is at fault for your bike accident, you have the right to hold them liable for the full value of your damages, including for your out-of-pocket costs and your intangible losses. Insurance companies want to resolve bicycle accident injury claims for less. At The Law Office of Paul J. Dombeck, PLLC, we go above and beyond to help injured victims secure the maximum settlement or trial verdict. Financial compensation may be granted for: 

  • Property damage, including bicycle repairs; 
  • Emergency medical care; 
  • Hospital bills and other medical bills; 
  • Lost wages and loss of earning power; 
  • Pain and suffering and mental anguish; 
  • Long-term disability or physical disfigurement; and
  • Wrongful death of a family member. 

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Phoenix, AZ, Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

At The Law Office of Paul J. Dombeck, PLLC, our Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer is prepared to invest the time and resources to protect your rights. Hurt in a bicycle accident? We are more than ready to help. Contact us today to set up your free, strictly private consultation. With a legal office in Phoenix, we advocate for bicycle accident victims in Maricopa County and all across Arizona, including Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe, Avondale, and Goodyear. 

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