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Kind Words from a Few Disability Clients

We take pride in our excellent customer service. While we strive to obtain the best possible results, we also understand how hard it is for our clients and their families to wait for the resolution of their case.

We are always available to answer our clients’ questions and we are just a phone call away. You will always talk to an attorney and will be with respect and dignity.

Below, see a few of our successful cases and what the clients felt about our services.

  • “After applying July 2009 for Social Security (SS) Disability, getting denied in December 2009, I hired a big national firm that does nothing but SS Disability, I never spoke to anyone but a case manager, who would never return my calls and would only call me about once every month or two. They were very slow in working on my case. I was denied again in May 2010. I was told that it would take up to two years to get my case heard. I fired them and I hired Paul Dombeck June 3rd 2010. He got right to work and answered all my calls, and questions. I was approved in September 2010. I am a US Army Veteran and an RN (Registered Nurse). I know what working with the US government is like you have to know exactly what to do to get anything done. Paul helped me through the maze of legal barriers that are in place to keep us from getting the benefits that we worked and paid for. Thank you Paul for getting the job done in months not years!!!!!”
    –Doni M.
  • “Many thanks for all your hard work and time plus your professionalism and consideration. We know how exhaustive my case was and we truly appreciate your diligence.”
    –Beth M.
  • “I want to thank you for everything you’ve done to win our case. I am overjoyed with the final outcome. It’s really going to help me.”
    –Debbie D.
  • “Thank you for your professionalism, research, and attention to detail, and your excellence in law. I am grateful we found you as our attorney.”
    –Jacqueline F.
  • “Your exceptional character, tenacity, knowledge as well as special treatment you showed is far from lost on me. If there were a grander way I was able to express myself, rest assured I would.”
    –Patricia J.

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