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Veteran’s Disability

Phoenix, Arizona Veteran’s Disability Lawyer helps vets and their families receive entitled benefits

The Phoenix veteran’s disability attorneys at the Law Office of Paul J. Dombeck have experience helping injured and disabled veterans file for and receive veteran’s disability benefits. The veterans’ benefits program is a distinct program different from other Social Security benefits programs and designed specifically for service veterans. Our skilled lawyers can explain your options and guide you through the process of obtaining veteran’s benefits in Arizona.


The veterans’ disability benefits program is designed to provide monetary compensation to service veterans who have been disabled by injuries or diseases that were either incurred or aggravated during active military service. Benefits can also be awarded for post-service injuries if they are closely related to a disability incurred during active service. While other disability benefits such as SSDI or SSI are all-or-nothing benefits, meaning an applicant is either deemed fully eligible or not eligible at all, veterans disability benefits are available to applicants who are deemed to be “at least 10% disabled,” and can be adjusted based on the severity of the disability. Benefits are not available to service members who have been dishonorably discharged.

What Benefits do you qualify for As A Disabled Veteran?

Veterans’ benefits are more comprehensive than SSI or SSDI, and can include:

  • Housing assistance
  • Payment to spouses or dependents of the disabled veteran
  • Payment to parents or dependents of deceased veterans

What conditions qualify for VA disability?

The Veteran’s Administration recognizes a wide array of disabilities, ranging from physical disfigurements and loss of limbs, to diseases such as Lou Gherig’s Disease and mental disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder. You may also qualify for benefits due to more common ailments such as chronic back pain resulting in a back disability, severe hearing loss, scar tissue and ulcers.

Applying for disabled veterans benefits

As with any large bureaucracy, the application process can be time consuming and frustrating, but rather than fighting through all the red tape by yourself, one of our experienced lawyers who has been through the process before can guide you around the most common mistakes and ensure that you have a full and fair hearing of your case like you deserve. If your application is denied, we can help you appeal the decision.

VA Disability benefits attorney in Phoenix, AZ

If you are a veteran in need of disability benefits, contact one of the experienced Phoenix disability lawyers at the Law Office of Paul J. Dombeck to guide you through the process and protect your rights.

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