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What are Your Rights to Recover Damages in an Injury Case?

When someone else is at fault for causing your injury, you can hold them accountable in a personal injury case. Phoenix injury attorneys can protect your rights to recover damages and negotiate with an insurance company or advocate on your behalf in court.

State laws view negligence differently, and your ability to recover compensation also varies from state to state. Arizona comparative negligence law is pure comparative negligence, which means the law does not bar you from recovery because you had some fault in causing your own injury. However, courts reduce the amount of damages you can recover by your percentage of fault. For example, if you were involved in a car accident and you failed to observe signs to turn on your lights when raining, but the other driver ran a red light and crashed into you, you would both bear some fault in the accident. Most likely, the court would assign the greatest percentage of fault to the other driver and perhaps your degree of fault would only be five or 10 percent.

Phoenix injury lawyers work to present their client’s case in the most favorable light possible. The more evidence they can gather to prove the other party’s fault, the better your chances for maximizing your recovery. Estimating damages is also an important aspect of a personal injury case. Lawyers with extensive experience become very skilled in knowing what a case is worth as well as the amounts of compensation that clients are entitled to receive.

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