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The Benefit of an Experienced Eye

An Experienced Phoenix Social Security Disability Lawyer Helps Get Claims Approved

Anyone who has considered exploring Short Term or Long Term or Social Security disability may hear or receive confusing information about the processes involved. This can be intimidating.  Many people who go through the system on their own are not successful the first time out. In fact, many estimates are that only about a third of people who apply for Social Security Disability Insurance are approved on their first attempt.

While such statistics may not be as readily available for Long Term Disability (because such plans and claims are administered by numerous corporations), most indications are still that many deserving claims are denied at some point in the Short or Long Term Disability process.  Having the experienced Arizona disability attorneys of The Law Office of Paul J. Dombeck PLLC who know what to expect, and have helped many others LIKE YOU in your situation, can greatly ease your burden.

If you have any questions, call The Law Office of Paul J. Dombeck PLLC, for a FREE CASE EVALUATION at 602-805-0577. You will always speak with a licensed attorney, and not an assistant or paralegal, when you call our office.