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The Benefits of Hiring an Attorney for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Were you hurt while on the job? You are certainly not alone. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that around 70,000 people are hurt on the job in Arizona each year. Under state law, employees are protected by no-fault workers’ comp insurance. Unfortunately, despite the protections, many workers still struggle to secure the full and fair benefits that they deserve. A workers’ comp lawyer can make the difference. At The Law Office of Paul J. Dombeck, PLLC, we help victims get justice and compensation for their injuries. Here, our Phoenix workers’ comp lawyer highlights the benefits of hiring an attorney for your claim in Arizona. 

Understanding the Workers’ Comp Insurance System in Arizona

Hurt on the job in Phoenix, Maricopa County, or elsewhere in the region? It is imperative that you know your rights and your responsibilities under Arizona law. Here are key points to understand about the workers’ compensation laws in Arizona: 

  • Virtually All Workers Covered By Workers’ Comp: In Arizona, workers’ compensation insurance covers nearly all employees, including part-time, full-time, and seasonal workers. There are very few exceptions to this rule, mainly involving independent contractors and volunteers, who are not typically covered by workers’ comp.
  • No-Fault Standard for Workers’ Comp: Injured workers do not need to prove that an employer was “negligent” in order to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Arizona operates under a no-fault workers’ compensation system, meaning that benefits are provided regardless of who is at fault for the workplace injury. 
  • Injuries Must Be Promptly Reported to an Employer: In Arizona, it is crucial for workers to report any job-related injury to their employer as soon as possible. The failure to report injuries promptly can lead to delays in receiving benefits and, in some cases, it may even result in a denial of a workers’ compensation claim. 
  • A Wide Range of Workers’ Comp Benefits Available: The Arizona workers’ comp system provides a wide array of benefits to injured workers, including medical expenses, income replacement, and rehabilitation services. In the event of a permanent disability, workers may also be eligible for additional compensation and vocational training to assist with job placement. Surviving family members may receive death benefits. 

Four Benefits of Hiring a Workers’ Comp Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

  • Your Lawyer Can Help Your Workers’ Comp Application

Hurt on the job in Arizona? You need to report your accident to your employer right away. However, reporting an accident (notifying your employer) is not the same thing as actually filing for workers’ comp benefits. You need to fill out the proper workers’ comp paperwork and submit your claim. Notably, the process for applying for workers’ compensation can be confusing. A lawyer can make a big difference. A key benefit of retaining a Phoenix, AZ, workers’ comp lawyer is that he or she will be well-versed in the process/procedures required to file a successful application. Along with other things, your Arizona workers’ comp lawyer will ensure that all necessary medical records, incident reports, and supporting documents are accurately compiled and submitted to support your claim.  

  • Your Attorney Will File a Workers’ Compensation Appeal

Even though Arizona is a no-fault workers’ compensation state, many people still struggle to get their claims approved. Indeed, workers’ comp denials happen. It can be extremely frustrating for an injured worker—especially those who need financial compensation to pay their medical bills and support their family. If your initial workers’ compensation claim is denied, your Phoenix workers’ comp attorney can file an appeal. Your lawyer will review the reasons for denial, gather additional supporting evidence, and represent you during any appeal hearings. The workers’ comp appeals process in Arizona often involves negotiating with insurance companies. It may also require you to present your case in front of an administrative judge. It is crucial that you have a lawyer. 

  • Your Lawyer Will Help You Negotiate a Settlement

Workers’ compensation settlement negotiations are complicated. If you are preparing to negotiate a workers’ comp settlement—particularly if you have a permanent physical impairment. The negotiation process often involves detailed calculations of your past, current, and future medical expenses, as well as lost wages and any potential long-term disability benefits. A top-tier workers’ comp lawyer in Phoenix can ensure that the settlement proposed adequately covers all your financial needs. Your Arizona workers’ compensation attorney will have the legal knowledge and negotiation skills to deal with the insurance company. Remember, insurance companies put their own best interests first. They are not on your side. 

  • Your Attorney Will Explore All Options for Third Party Liability

Following a workplace accident in Arizona, you should always exercise your right to file for workers’ compensation benefits. Beyond a workers’ compensation claim, you may also have a fault-based third-party liability lawsuit. Indeed, in some workplace accidents, a party other than the employer may be liable. For example, if a defective piece of equipment caused the injury, a product manufacturer could be responsible. Your Phoenix workers’ comp attorney can investigate all angles of your case to identify any potential third-party claims. 

It should be noted that a third-party liability claim requires a finding of negligence on the part of the defendant. In order to hold a non-employer third party responsible for your accident—whether a property owner, subcontractor, or manufacturer—you must prove that their unsafe/improper actions or inactions contributed to your accident. You can file both a workers’ compensation claim and a third-party liability claim. A Phoenix workers’ comp lawyer can help you navigate the process. 

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At The Law Office of Paul J. Dombeck, PLLC, our Phoenix workers’ comp lawyer is standing by, ready to protect your legal rights and financial interests. Contact our law firm for a free, no obligation initial appointment. From our office in Phoenix, we handle workers’ compensation claims throughout Arizona, including in Tucson, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, and Glendale.  

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