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Unbiased and Intelligent Evaluation of all your Disability Claims

Will Your Disability Claim in Arizona be Approved?

One of the most important but less known benefits of using the Arizona attorneys at The Law Office of Paul J. Dombeck PLLC is that our attorneys are experienced in three major types of disability (ERISA Short- Long Term and Social Security Disability, and Veteran’s Disability Claims) and quite often an individual may have or be eligible for more than one these types of disability claims at the same time.  Our attorneys are able to serve as another set of eyes on your medical and other claim evidence, and someone who believes he or she has a strong or deserving claim yet receives a claim denial can benefit from having an experienced attorney look over all of the claim evidence.

Signs your disability claim will be approved

Here are a few of the signals we look for to make sure you will qualify:

  • Sufficient medical evidence
  • Your medical condition is on the SSA’s list of impairments
  • Your earnings
  • Amount you paid in Social Security taxes
  • Your age
  • Ability to do prior work

Among other things, the attorney may be able to make suggestions and modifications to your approach to doctors and employers that will help quite a bit with claim applications and appeals.  Obtaining this input can actually give the claim new life.

Contact a Phoenix Social Security disability attorney for an evaluation

If you have any questions, call The Law Office of Paul J. Dombeck PLLC, for a FREE CASE EVALUATION at 602-805-0577. You will always speak with a licensed attorney, and not an assistant/paralegal, when you call our office.