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Denial of Benefits

What to Do If You Have Been Denied Disability Benefits If you have been denied disability benefits in Arizona after your initial application, it is not the end of line for you. In fact, the vast majority of applicants are denied benefits after their initial application, but with the right disability lawyers on their side, …

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Should I do my ERISA Long Term Disability Appeal on my own Without a Lawyer?

ERISA Long Term Disability Appeals A “Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y) approach to appealing an ERISA Short Term Disability (STD) or ERISA Long Term Disability (LTD) claim denial may very well cost you your financial and medical security. In a world where “DIY” is commendable and sometimes makes financial sense, it is a huge mistake with ERISA disability claim appeals, and …

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Legal Loopholes and your Disability Claim

Phoenix SSD Attorney Explains Legal Loopholes and Disability Claims It is not that Social Security Disability or ERISA Short Term and Long Term Disability regulations and/or Insurance policies contain loopholes for the purpose of deliberately denying claims.  Rather it is that the regulations and other governing the terms and language regarding which claims meet the …

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